Welcome to My Nightmare~

I do not promote self harm, or anything of that sorts. My name is Lizz, and I've been depressed and self harming since Kindergarten/1st grade.. I am extremely shy... Feel free to ask for my Facebook and Skype <3 I don't bite.
If you'd like to know more about me, ASK!! I am always on and around. :)
Included self harm content... Forewarning.


Looks like another cry myself to sleep night..

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it sucks trying to get close to someone because you don’t always want to text them first and then you feel like if you don’t you’ll never talk or if their the one who always text you first then when they don’t you feel like if they wanted to talk to you they would text you first then you become paranoid or clingy and it just fucking sucks trying to get close to someone

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